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Comprehensive Chiropractic Care in Landon

Ladner Chiropractic gives each new patient a comprehensive chiropractic consultation and works with patients to create the right treatment plan. Dr. Ohori treats every patient with the utmost care and concern. If you would like to share your experience with our staff, please feel free to contact us or leave a review on our Google+ profile.

See what patients have to say about Dr. Ohori and Ladner Chiropractic:

Body Friendly Treatment

Considerably more effective and certainly more “body friendly”. Its subtle and less “traumatic”, and the his method is more helpful to an older body than the traditional chiropractic approach.

A.P. May 25, 2015

Better Posture

I have never noticed a substantial difference with other treatments, but since going to Dr. Ohori, I have noticed my posture is much better, walking is much better and my stability is stronger. Back and hips feel much better.

S.L. July 11, 2015

Highly Recommended

Not only did I notice my treatments working right away, he told me my hip problems stemmed from my back and neck. After working on those areas my posture, sleep, and overall body feel, is so much better

L.M. June 21, 2015

Positive Results

I would recommend Dr. Ohori, as I’ve experienced positive results and quick relief from pain first hand

D.G. Sept 22 2015

Relieved Back Pain

My name is Ena, and I have just recently moved to Ladner. In early February, I bent over one morning and could not straighten up. I had a chiropractor in Vancouver; however, there was no way I could drive all the way into Vancouver. And that is how I happened to find Dr. Ohori. He explained my injury and consulted with me regarding a treatment plan. My experience has been that not only did he treat my initial problem, but he treated my entire being. During my treatments, he relieved my back pain, but I also sleep better, my posture is better, and he is treating an injury that has been painful for many years. He has provided relief when I did not believe any were possible. The treatment results are definitely quicker and longer lasting.

- E. C.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain Decreased

My main complaint when I came to see Dr. Ohori was back/shoulder pain as well as bloating/digestive issues and trouble sleeping. I have had these issues among others since receiving chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant 10 years ago. All of these issues had been a struggle for me on a daily basis, even more so after having my two children.

I have never received any chiropractic treatments prior to seeing Dr. Ohori. I am 36 and osteopedic which has always made me hesitant to visit a chiropractor. That being said, I've only had positive results after treatments from Dr. Ohori.

I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Ohori. He has given me relief I never realized was possible. I've learned to tolerate several issues I thought to be permanent and have been surprised to see just how much better I could feel. My digestion and bloating has improved. I am getting better quality of sleep and my neck/shoulder pain has decreased.

- D. D.

Modern Chiropractic Approach

Dr. Ohori's approach was gentle yet very effective. His style is different than other chiropractors I've been to, and it has made a big difference. I have responded very well. I am more comfortable than I have been in years.

- M. L.

Quicker, Permanent Chiropractic Care

Prior chiropractic care had given relief, however it was short term. With Dr. Ohori's care the results have been quicker and more permanent.

- L. S.

Flexible Chiropractic Hours

My results have been very positive. Dr. Ohori's extreme concern for his patient’s well-being is commendable. He has given up his weekends and holiday time to make sure treatment is continuous and effective.

- L. N.

Alleviated Sciatica, Improved Posture

My main complaint when I first saw Dr. Ohori was sciatica. I had been suffering from the symptoms on and off for several months, until just prior to my first visit, when I began experiencing continual debilitating pain

I had received prior chiropractic treatment on and off since my early twenties. I believe I have responded extremely well to treatments. Dr. Ohori assessed various areas of concern, and I believe this approach has benefited me greatly.

Treatments with previous practitioners involved adjustments to relieve acute problem areas but never addressed underlying causes, like poor posture. As a result I was in a repeating pattern of treatment for pain, followed by a period of relief, but never resolved satisfactorily. Dr. Ohori has musculo-skeletal approach rather than spiral adjustments in the traditional chiropractic sense, and I think this has been more effective than previous treatments.

Dr. Ohori has an excellent approach in assessing and treating underlying problems that result in long-term relief and improved posture. As well, he is extremely conscientious and caring, and for these reasons I would highly recommend him.

- A. J.

Long-Lasting Relief for Lower Back Stiffness

My main complaint was pain in my lower back with some stiffness in my neck. The back pain was causing a lot of discomfort in the previous few weeks before I came to see Dr. Ohori, but had probably been present to a lesser degree for several months. The pain affected me when I bent over to get something from a drawer or cupboard or when I tied my shoe laces. It also had an effect on my dancing, flexibility and range of motion.

I have received chiropractic treatment previously but I stopped going after a bad experience, which I think was in 2001. Current treatment has provided longer lasting relief.

Dr. Ohori uses therapy which I find more effective. Also, I feel my posture has improved. My previous treatment was like a quick twisting motion of the neck and the manipulation on my back had a "cracking" sound. It's hard to describe.

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ohori to other people because he has made such a difference in my comfort level and recovery is much faster, and my posture is better. He was recommended to me by my dance teacher, and I would do the same.

- L. C.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Consultation and Treatment

I had lower back pain for seven years. It affected my life in all my everyday activities. I have received chiropractic treatments previously, before seeing Dr. Ohori. I have responded well to Dr. Ohori's treatments, my lower back and hips are much better.

Dr. Ohori sat down and talked about lower back and overall body health with me and then we decided what treatment would serve me best. I had not had that type of consultation previously with a chiropractor.

I would recommend Dr. Ohori to other people. I feel that he did a great job in helping me to learn and understand my problem and how to deal with it long term.

- Anonymous

Complete Care

My experience with prior chiropractors was very good, but I found the results with Dr. Ohori extraordinary. The results were quick, I had better sleeping and energy. I would recommend Dr. Ohori because he provides complete care, not just in the sore area.

- Terri S.

Instant Results

I had neck pain and major lower back pains with numbness down my right leg. My results with previous Chiropractors was painful and had minimal results. Dr Ohori’s therapy gave instant results with no post treatment pain. I would absolutely recommend Dr.Ohori

- Jeff C.

Painless Treatment

My experience with previous chiropractors was ok, but not successful. I find the treatments with Dr.Ohori hold better, with no pain. I would suggest a visit with him to try his methods.

- Chantelle E.

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