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Stand up Straight: Postural Analysis by Ladner Chiropractic

What Is Postural Analysis and Alignment?

Why Is Correct Posture and Analysis Important?

How Do We Treat Posture Issues?

Posture is of vital importance to back health. This makes postural analysis a vital first step in determining the source and cause of your back pain. At Ladner Chiropractic, we take a holistic approach to postural analysis to treat the discomfort of Ladner patients. We analyze the position of your whole body to identify and treat abnormalities in your posture. We then help you to maintain a better upright position. Your posture is the foundation of a good back, and you can count on Ladner Chiropractic to have your best health in mind and promote your holistic wellness. Contact us today for your postural analysis appointment in Ladner.

Chiropractors use postural analysis to examine the structural balance of the body. Just as a machine or equipment requires regular maintenance and servicing, our bodies, too, need regular care to function at their optimal level. Postural analysis can lead you to the best posture and help locate the source of muscular and nerve pains.

Our chiropractor diagnoses and treats various issues by analyzing your spinal curvatures, movement, and alignment. We will ensure that your body presents the correct posture for healthy and unimpeded movement:

  • Stance and walk

  • Spinal curvature

  • Knee alignment

  • Hip level

  • Shoulder height

  • Head and neck posture

Our chiropractor analyzes your posture and spinal irregularities and relieves your pain caused by an injury or misalignment of your body.

Call us to book your appointment for postural analysis in Ladner.

Good posture is vital to overall physical health. It will ensure your bones, muscles, and nervous system are aligned. Incorrect posture can cause all kinds of problems, such as:

  • Pain, strains, and tightness in the back, head, neck, hips, and knees

  • Restricted movement and impeded flexibility

  • Sharp shooting nerve pain, irritation, and impairment, which could indicate damage to the nervous system

  • Chronic diseases like scoliosis, disc irritation, arthritic pain, and nerve inflammation

We educate our patients on how to avoid developing postural problems.

Check out our testimonials to see what our patients say about our services.

The postural analysis allows us to determine which area of your body needs the most attention. We are dedicated to helping you with relief from your pains.

  • Correcting posture by making spinal adjustments. This is done by realigning the neck and spine.

  • Offering physiotherapy to ease the pain and strengthen the body.

  • Providing informative suggestions and educating the patients about the correct posture, and creating an ergonomic setup in the house and workplace.

We also provide customized therapy and pain management.

Reach out to us to discuss your specific concerns.

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