Pain management

Manage Your Pain with Acupressure in Ladner 


At Ladner Chiropractic, we practice pain management through the use of acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese practice that circulates the blood and increases oxygen flow to muscles, relaxing the muscles. This method can prepare back muscles for more effective chiropractic adjustments. In addition, acupressure after adjustment can stabilize the adjustment and promote healing.

Stimulating acupressure points with pressure, or heat causes the release of endorphins, chemicals in your body that reduce pain. The reduction of pain coupled with the increased blood flow causes muscle relaxation and healing.

Come discover the difference acupressure can make in your chiropractic experience with pain management from Ladner Chiropractic.

Analysis of Workplace Injury Risk

Reducing injury risks is one of the most effective ways to prevent injuries in the workplace. That’s why Ladner Chiropractic offers workplace analysis services. We are here to protect you from workplace-related injuries. We consult with business owners to maximize ergonomically correct workplace layouts and working conditions in order to minimize risk of employee injury.

Home Ergonomics

Everything from our sofas to beds have an effect on back health. It is our commitment to help you improve the ergonomics of your home in order to prevent musculoskeletal injury and maximize comfort. Ladner Chiropractic is here to consult with you about your home ergonomics situation. We will carefully analyze areas in which you can promote healthy movement and reduce injury and strain.

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