Dr. Bob T Ohori

Custom, Multi-Disciplinary Therapy from Ladner

At Ladner Chiropractic, Dr. Ohori takes a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy. He believes in correcting the posture as well as treating the area of complaint. This approach helps in determining the cause of the pain.

Customized Therapy

Dr. Ohori practises customized therapy, treating you according to body build and occupational history. Every patient is different and is treated as such.

Postural Analysis

The importance of postural analysis usually determines why a person’s problem has occurred in the first place. By correcting the posture, people get quicker and longer-lasting results. This multi-disciplinary approach to treating the patient corrects any underlying postural deficits as well as treats the main area of complaint.

Pressure Point Therapy

Pressure point therapy applied avoids "cracking" the spine and, instead, utilizes pressure points to achieve the desired results. Lots of people don’t like back “cracking,” as it can be considered a frightening and uncomfortable feeling. Pressure point therapy is far less traumatic, avoiding unnecessary complications such as stiffness.

Patients that have utilized chiropractic services from elsewhere notice quick and long-lasting results after having received treatment from Dr. Ohori.

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